Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank Engineering

ADCE is a leading real estate and property development company that provides owners with a full range of services through our diverse fields of expertise.

Established in 2007 to manage the construction of new commercial and residential buildings, Abu Dhabi Commercial Engineering Services LLC (ADCE) has since solidified its reputation as the engineering arm of Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank PJSC (ADCB), offering project management, consultancy, tender and contract management, design and supervision, and appraisal/valuation services.

We deliver high-quality residential, commercial and mixed-use buildings, on time and within budget, working closely with the relevant authorities to maintain and improve the high standards of construction in the UAE.

At a glance

  • Inception: Established as the engineering arm of Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank PJSC (ADCB) in 2007, ADCE’s primary purpose is to build upon the vision of the nation’s Founding Father.
  • Scope: A one-stop-shop for all engineering-related project management services, from design conception to building completion.
  • Business: Modern and innovative designs built in accordance with the latest regulatory requirements and situated in popular citywide locations. We offer continuous client support to ensure minimal to no project alterations.


  • Our experienced and extensive team consists of qualified professionals, including project managers, architects, civil mechanical and electrical engineers, tender managers, finance controllers and customer experience experts.
  • Our core function is landlord/government representation and adopting a supervisory role when managing projects, ensuring that designs suit best practice specifications, and that rapid occupancy is achieved while ensuring controlled expenditure

ADCE’s Vision

Our vision is to be the leading service provider for the real estate and property development industry in the UAE.

We aim to integrate international best practices standards with optimised core service excellence.

We endeavour to fully understand the market needs and propose international best practice solutions to fit specific sustainable needs of the real estate industry in the UAE.

ADCE’s Mission

To create value for our clients and strategic partners by offering best practice real estate, project management and property development services by:

  • Providing clients with high-quality design standards, competitive construction management services and engineering expertise
  • Continuously aiming to understand clients’ requirements and offer proactive problem-solving approaches
  • Adhering to our commitment towards Corporate and Social Responsibility (CSR) standards

Our Proud Projects

ADCE provides real estate project management and property development services to clients ranging from property landowners to banking institutions, private investors, real estate developers, and UAE Government entities.

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Certifications and Awards

ADCE has earned several internationally recognized certifications that support our commitment to providing exceptional service to our customers.

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Corporate Social Responsibility

ADCE is committed to integral values and standards, providing best practice engineering services as a basis for its future development and corporate governance, positively supporting the local community and its environment, and contributing to the successful development of the real estate and property market in the UAE.

ADCE will undertake and operate responsibly and methodically that will, at all times, demonstrate transparency, full accountability, and good environmental and social behavior. The guiding principles of ADCE policies are fivefold:


with clear division and delegation of authority.


in relationships between ADCE and ADCB’s management.


and full disclosure to the Bank’s Board of Directors and stakeholders.

Environmental Sustainability

in the engineering and management services of construction.


in the treatment of all clients and business partners.