Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank Loan

Delivering on our promise to develop products and services that cater to all community members, we have designed flexible, low-cost loan packages for expatriates residing in the UAE.

Car Loans

  • Pre-owned or new, we will help you drive away in your dream car.

Standard Mortgage Loan

  • ADCB helps you turn your dream home into a reality. With the option of hybrid or variable rates, you can now choose the solution that suits your individual needs.

Mortgage Home Saver

  • A unique solution that helps you save on interest and repay your loan faster.

Personal Loan For UAE Nationals

  • Attractive interest rates, high salary multiples, and extended tenure.

Personal Loan For Expatriates

  • Benefit from our flexible, low-cost loans for expatriates.
  • The interest rate mentioned on this page is applicable for Excellency/ Emirati Excellency customer segments. The applicable rate shall vary depending on customer segment and profile.
  • Additional one-time fee is applicable for life insurance cover.
  • Personal loan is granted against assignment of the customer’s salary and end of service benefit (gratuity) in favor of ADCB, which acts as security for the personal loan taken by the customer from ADCB.
  • Service Guarantee is our promise to provide you a decision on your Personal Loan application within three working days. Hand over a complete set of documents to the sales or branch staff and send us an SMS to get started, SMS ‘P’ to 2626. Terms and Conditions apply, refer to adcb.com/serviceguarantee for details.