Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank Whatsapp Number

Yes, all messages are secured with end-to-end encryption. However, please do not share Bank Account Numbers, ADCB Personal Internet Banking/ADCB Mobile app Login ID, Passwords, Credit or Debit Card Numbers, Personal Identification Number (PIN), Card Verification Value (CVV), Telephone Identification Number (TPIN), or any sensitive financial information in chat sessions. ADCB does not request for such information.

WhatsApp two-step verification

Two-step verification is an optional feature that adds more security to your WhatsApp account. You’ll see the two-step verification screen after you successfully register your phone number on WhatsApp. You can learn how to enable two-step verification below



You can use ADCB WhatsApp services to:

  • Check your account balance
  • View your last 10 debit card transactions
  • Check your credit card balance
  • View your last 10 credit card transactions
  • Check your outstanding loan balance and next EMI date
  • Activate/block your credit card and debit card
  • Request a cheque book
  • Generate an IBAN letter
  • Calculate live currency and foreign exchange rates
  • Locate ATMs and branches
  • Explore loyalty and rewards
  • Explore products and services