Abu Dhabi Islamic Bank Personal Loan Minimum Salary

Abu Dhabi Islamic Bank (ADIB) is an Islamic Banking organization that takes pride in providing excellent Shariah-compliant financial services and products.

The ADIB personal loan is an example of a complete Shariah-compliant loan. ADIB personal loan aids in meeting the major financial needs, without having to submit collateral while availing the loan.

The ADIB loan can be availed in two categories:

  1. ADIB Personal Loan for UAE Nationals
  2. ADIB Personal Loan for Expats

ADIB Personal Loan Interest Rate

Abu Dhabi Islamic Bank personal loans charge a reducing balance interest rate. A reducing ADIB personal loan interest rate decreases every time the loan borrower pays an installment.

ADIB Personal Loan
Type of LoanMaximum Loan AmountTenorADIB Personal loan Interest RateType of Interest Rate
ADIB Personal Loans for UAE NationalsAED 3 MillionUp to 48 months6.75% – 20.00% p.a.Reducing
ADIB Personal Loans for ExpatsAED 1 MillionUp to 48 months6.75% – 20.00% p.a.Reducing

*Interest Rates are subject to change any time.

ADIB Personal Loan Eligibility Criteria

The ADIB loan eligibility criteria are nearly the same for Emiratis and expats. These ADIB personal loan requirements are as follows:

Age Eligibility

The minimum age eligibility to apply for ADIB loan is mentioned below:

  • For Expats: Minimum-21 years/Maximum-60 years
  • For UAE Nationals: Minimum-21 years/Maximum-65 years

Though the age limit can vary from bank to bank, it should be met to apply for a Personal loan in UAE.

Minimum Salary Requirement

The loan applicant is expected to meet the Abu Dhabi Islamic Bank personal loan minimum salary requirement. The ADIB Bank personal loan minimum salary requirement for both expats and UAE Nationals is AED 8,000.

Work Experience

The work experience required for availing ADIB personal loan slightly differs for expats and Emiratis. ADIB eligibility for UAE Nationals requires the Emirati applicant to have a confirmed job or a minimum of 3 months’ work experience. The expats required to have either a confirmed job or a minimum of 6 months’ work experience.

ADIB Personal Loan Documents

In order to avail ADIB Loan, the following documents need to be furnished:

PassportExpatriatesUAE Nationals
Original and photocopy of PassportValid residence visaOriginal and photocopy of Passport
Emirates IDOnly for EmiratisOriginal and photocopy of Emirates ID
Bank Account Statement3 months bank statement3 months bank statement