Ajman Bank Interest Rate

Deposit Weightages and Mudareb Share of Profit for Saving and Investment Deposit Accounts Mudarib share is maintained at 40% for Q2 2022

 Profit Rates on Mudaraba Time Deposits

PeriodProposed forDistributedCurrencyProposed forDistributed
 Q2,2022On Q1,2022 Q2,2022On Q1,2022
Term Deposits = AED
1 Month0.93% Pa0.58% Pa
3 Months1.03% Pa0.64% Pa
6 Months1.13% Pa0.70% Pa
9 Months0.00% Pa0.75% Pa
1 Year1.43% Pa0.89% Pa
Profit Rates on Savings Bank Account
AED0.22% Pa0.14% Pa
USD0.10% Pa0.06% Pa
Euro0.00% Pa0.00% Pa
Term Deposits = USD 
1 year0.60% Pa     0.37% Pa
Profit Rates on Call Deposits
AED0.28% Pa0.17% Pa
USD0.10% Pa0.06% Pa
Euro0.00% Pa0.07% Pa
GBP0.12% Pa0.07% Pa

Mudareb share of profit weightages  

Mudareb Share of Profit Weightages
Type of DepositAEDUSDOther Currency
1 Month47%10%10%
3 Months52%12.5%12.5%
6 Months57%15%15%
9 Months61%20%20%
1 Year72%30%30%
Saving Account11%5%6%
Call Deposit14%5%6%
POWER Saving account5%
Mudareb Share of Profit (Maximum)90%