Balaji Krishnamurthy National Bank Of Fujairah

These committees have been established to oversee and implement the overall activities of the NBF group, in accordance with guidelines developed by the bank’s board of directors.

Management Committee (ManCom)

Steered by the Chief Executive Officer, the “ManCom” is tasked with the development, monitoring, and execution of the group’s strategy as approved by the board of directors.

ManCom is also responsible for the implementation of corporate governance, performance measurement, and monitoring, approving policies and decisions related to staff, and any other administrative matters.

NBF’s ManCom comprises the following members:

  • Vince Cook, Chief Executive Officer
  • Adnan Anwar, Deputy Chief Executive Officer
  • Stuart Wright – Acting Chief Risk Officer
  • Balaji Krishnamurthy, Chief Operations Officer
  • Abdulla Aleter, Head of Human Resources
  • Sharif Mohd. Rafei, Head of Retail Banking