Bank Of Sharjah Psc Quick Pay

The Bank of Sharjah “Chip & PIN” Debit MasterCard offers you a payment card with enhanced chip features, combining the convenience of a chip-enabled card with a greater level of security, thus falling in line with the Central Bank strategy to combat debit card fraud.

The Bank of Sharjah Debit Card provides instant access to your account(s) at any ATM across the GCC countries or worldwide ATMs that accept MasterCard.
In addition, Bank of Sharjah Debit MasterCard can be used for retail purchases or services at any establishment worldwide that accepts MasterCard.

The Bank of Sharjah Debit Card offers Enhanced Security & Secure Spending:

You will be required to enter your PIN (Personal Identification Number) when you make a transaction at a chip terminal (and no signature will be required), helping protect the card from unauthorized use. Your PIN is the key to using your card; it will become extremely important to remember your PIN as more and more merchants begin to replace their magnetic stripe point-of-sale terminals with terminals enabled to process Chip & PIN cards – and to keep your PIN secure and safe just like you do with your card.

In addition to Chip & PIN technology, all new Debit MasterCards issued are also engineered with Contactless functionality symbolized by the indicator  present on the face of the card. Contactless technology allows you to make quick small value transactions up to AED 300* without entering a PIN. Simply tap your card to pay on the checkout terminal**.

Never worry about lost/stolen cards – Quickly activate or deactivate your debit card with just one click using the Debit Card on/off feature available in eBOS Internet Banking and Mobile App.

*The limit can be changed at any time by the regulators and/or the merchant’s acquiring bank and pertains to transactions made in the UAE. In other countries, the limit might be set differently according to the rules in force. Transactions for amounts above these limits will be completed using your PIN.
**A contactless payment can be rejected at any POS terminal and instead the cardholder may be required to perform the transaction using the PIN.

If you notice an unauthorized transaction in your bank account or card account, please call us on +971-6-5694411 or email us on [email protected]