Bank Saderat Iran Doha Qatar

Bank Saderat Iran – Qatar Branch is one of the oldest foreign banks operating in the State of Qatar since 1970, The Bank today is capitalized to the extent of above QAR 200 million. The Bank’s Head Office is located in Tehran, the Islamic Republic of Iran.

Our Services

Saving Account

Saving Accounts can be opened as individuals and as Jointly. ATM Debit Cards are issued with QPAY & POS services on NAPS and GCC network. This ensures 24/7 access to customer account.

Personal Current Account

Current Accounts can be opened as individuals and as Jointly. Personalized cheque book is issued for the customer. ATM Debit Cards are issued with QPAY & POS services on NAPS and GCC network. This ensures 24/7 access to customer account.

Fixed Deposit

Fixed Deposit gives you the best interest rate for deposits from 1 month to one year that are auto renewable. Customers have the option to renew their deposits with or without interest. Customers can avail loans of up to 90% of their fixed deposit at attractive interest rates.

Personal Loan/s

A great way to put your plans into action and achieve your life goals. From securing your child’s education to refurbishing your home, medical treatments, Vacations and more. We understand you want nothing but the best. We offer Personal loans at attractive and competitive interest rates with exclusive benefits.

We provide easy loan processing with application processed within 3 to 5 days. Flexible monthly repayments are available.

Personal loans are granted to individuals against salary transfer from approved companies list maintained with the bank at a competitive interest rate {QMR + 1.5%}. Commission on loan is 1% of loan amount. Maximum period of loan is 48 months.

Loans are also granted against customer fixed deposits maintained with the bank at an Interest rate that is + 2% above Fixed Deposit rate. No other charges are applicable.

Corporate Current Account

SME (Small medium enterprises) and Corporate customers can use business accounts for investment and saving purposes and for their day-to-day banking needs ensuring smooth running of businesses. Bank believes in the strength and integrity of relationships built with its customers and adapts to changing needs of clients by ensuring financial support. 

Overdraft facilities, Business Loans, Cheque discounting facilities, Loans against trust receipt facilities, Letter of guarantee and Letter of credit are some of the facilities available for business customers.

Personalized cheque book, Remittance and staff salary transfer (WPS) are some of the services available for business customers.Expand

Business Loan

Business loans are granted for small and medium-sized business enterprises. It is a tailor made lending facility for customers meant to achieve business goals. The funds can be used for many different purposes including working capital, business expansion, improvements related to renovations, technology upgrades, real estate purchases and more.

Loans are granted after obtaining valid documents of the business and on verification from Qatar credit bureau. Customer history, transactions, Audited balance sheet, three years’ financial statement are reviewed. Securities such as Fixed deposit, Guarantors, Mortgage, Bank guarantee are necessary to obtain a business loan.Expand

Wages Protection System

In accordance with directive of Qatar Central Bank (QCB). Wages Protection System (WPS) mandates salaries are received by employees on time. All companies are expected to transfer salaries to their employees via WPS system.

Salary files will be processed by the bank through the Wage Protection System(WPS) in order to credit salaries to the bank accounts of the employees. WPS SIF file in .csv format is available with particulars of all fields. Companies are requested to insert data in attached csv (comma delimited)/ excel format and submit it to bank electronically to process staff salaries promptly.Expand

Contact Details

BANK SADERAT IRAN P.O.Box: 2256, Doha, Qatar

Branch: Main, Grand Hamad Street ( Zone: 5 , Street: 119 , Building 58)
PHONE: 0097444414646,
FAX: 0097444430121
E-mail Address: [email protected]

BANK SADERAT IRAN P.O.Box: 2256,Doha, Qatar

Branch: Salwa Road
PHONE: 0097444510033,
FAX: 0097444506054
E-mail Address: [email protected]