Barclays Bank Plc CEO

Andrew Mortimer is the Country Manager and Chief Operating Officer for Barclays in the Middle East. He has Country Management responsibility for Barclays Investment Banking, Corporate Banking and Wealth & Investment Management businesses based in the Middle East as well as all Infrastructure operations and is the legal entity representative with the respective regulatory authorities in the region.

Over the past 30 years, Andrew held several senior positions at globally recognised financial institutions including SRM Global Fund, UBS Investment Bank, Credit Suisse First Boston Services, and Nomura International plc. Andrew holds an executive MBA from the University of Sussex in Applied General Management and is married with four children.

Having lived in Dubai now for over eight years and having worked at a senior level within a large UK Global organization I believe I have a significant amount of corporate as well as regional experience to offer in support of the British Business Groups (BBG) ambitions. I’m very committed to supporting UK plc as well as UK citizens living in Dubai in both their day-to-day and wider business objectives and see my involvement as Deputy Chair within BBG as a means of demonstrating this.