Barclays Bank Plc Jersey Branch

Jersey’s highly-respected regulatory regime offers a stable and secure environment for investors, businesses and personal customers.

What Jersey has to offer

Political and economic stability combined with a sophisticated legal infrastructure enables Jersey to be a leading global international finance centre.

Globally connected

Jersey has long-standing partnerships with the City of London and other major financial centres. It is well connected to London with daily flights.

The financial services promotional body, Jersey Finance, has offices in London, Hong Kong, Mumbai, Shanghai and Dubai.

It has some of the highest broadband speeds in the world, with every home and business having access to a full-fibre gigabit-speed network.

Robust laws and regulation

Jersey is part of the British Isles but is self-governing. It has its own courts of law, financial and legal systems, and has maintained independence for more than 800 years.

The island’s robust and sophisticated legal framework supports  the development of the Jersey Financial Services Centre, making it the world-class financial centre that it is today.

Centre of expertise

Supported by a strong communications industry, Jersey has a highly-skilled financial services sector, creating an inviting environment for business and personal customers.

It attracts top talent from London and beyond, so it can offer solutions to complex client needs. Areas of expertise include: fiduciaries, family offices, funds, corporate services, banking and investments. 

Who we work with

We offer a range of banking, credit and investment services to retail and corporate customers, including:

Contact Details

Personal banking

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Premier Banking

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Business banking

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Corporates and institutions

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