Barclays Bank Plc Mandate Change Team

Add or remove someone from your business account, or change what your signatories can do. To make any changes, you need to be an authorised official on the account.

What is a business mandate?

A mandate is a set of instructions and a list of people in your business who are authorised to manage its bank accounts. If you’re on the mandate you can perform the following tasks.

  • Manage the everyday banking, including making payments
  • Sign up for products and services, including additional accounts and finance where appropriate
  • Add or remove people from your mandate when they join or leave the business

Changing your mandate

Call us on 0333 202 7477 if you want to

  • Remove an official from your mandate
  • Change what your signatories can do

If your business is a limited company or a limited liability partnership (LLP), we can only change your mandate if we’ve got the correct personal information for all officials listed at Companies House. Please check before you call