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We’ve stopped sending out guidance booklets and are now making them available online for you instead.

General Instructions to Solicitors and Licensed Conveyancers Booklet PDF**

Report on Title and Certificate of Title

Please refer to the letter of instruction issued to you to determine whether you need to complete either a Report on Title or Certificate of Title.

Please note that the Certificate of Title is only for owner-occupied residential property. If the property is residential but subject to an Assured Shorthold Tenancy (AST) or lease, then you’ll need to complete a Report on Title instead.

After you’ve completed the document, you’ll need to print a hard copy, sign and return it to us no less than 7 days before the end date of completion.

You should only complete the fields on these documents and under no circumstances should you amend any of the wording of the Report on Title or Certificate of Title before returning to us. If you feel that any of the wording on the Report or Certificate isn’t appropriate to this transaction, you should explicitly advise us in a covering letter when submitting this to us.

Please ensure you complete our reference number (as quoted at the top of our specific letter of instruction) in the Lender’s Reference/Case reference box at the top of the form, so that we can deal with your Report on Title/Certificate of Title quickly.

Report on Title form

Certificate of Title form (PDF)

Certificate of Title form (Word)

** To view PDF files, you will need a PDF file viewer installed on your computer.