Blom Bank France UAE Careers

At BLOM BANK, our people are our most valuable asset and our search for talent surpasses technical competence. In a culture that strives on fairness, ethics, transparency, and respect, employment is handled according to set standards and procedures. Discrimination of any type is prohibited. We offer equal opportunities to all our employees without regard to gender, religion, ethnical background, age, or disability.

  • 3,326+ employees worldwide
  • 2,115+ employees in Lebanon
  • 52.58% to 47.42% is the female to male ratio in BLOM BANK, Lebanon
  • 39.21% of BLOM BANK employees in Lebanon are under the age of 35

Working Hours

The following working hours apply to BLOM BANK branches and head office employees:
Monday – Friday: 8 AM – 2 PM

To complete a general application form that will be screened by professional recruiters and matched with available current and future vacancies, click the “Apply” button.