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Citi has been in Singapore since 1902 and is represented in nearly every asset class. Citi Singapore is the largest foreign banking employer in Singapore, and it is home to strategically important hubs, Innovation Labs and the Asia Pacific Citi Service Centre (CSC).

We have businesses with client-focused capabilities, such as the Global Subsidiaries Group (Asia), Citi Private Bank (Global), and International Personal Bank (Global); product-focused innovation hubs, such as Global Consumer Bank, the ASEAN Investment Banking Hub, Markets Hub, and the Treasury and Trade Services (TTS) Hub; Innovation Labs, such as the Citi Innovation Lab (TTS) and the Consumer Innovation Lab; and the Asia Pacific Citi Service Centre (CSC) at Changi Business Park.

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(Financial Industry Disputes Resolution Centre Ltd.)
If despite all our best efforts, and after your concerns have been raised to our customer service head and you believe that we have not addressed your concerns satisfactorily, you may seek assistance of FIDReC for an external review.

The jurisdiction of FIDReC in adjudicating disputes between banks and consumers is up to S$ 50,000.

At present, FIDReC’s services are available to all consumers who are individuals or sole-proprietors.

For further information on FIDReC and its contact details please refer to the following website:
Service of Court documents and Legal CorrespondenceFor hand delivery and post:
5 Changi Business Park Crescent, level 5, Singapore 486027
Attn: Legal Department
Or, to send us by fax:
(+65) 65182 587