Citibank N.A. Sioux Falls Zurich Branch

Citi’s presence in Switzerland dates back to May 1963 with the opening of a corporate banking branch, Citibank N.A. in Geneva. The Zurich branch followed in 1966.

In 1979, Citi established a Swiss bank to serve the private banking needs of affluent individuals. Today, this FINMA-regulated bank is known as Citibank (Switzerland) AG. In December 1982, Confides Finance et Placement SA was founded in Geneva to provide trust and private investment company services. In November 1999, the name was changed to CitiTrust (Switzerland) Limited and is now headquartered in Zurich.

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Citibank (Switzerland) AG

Prime Tower

Hardstrasse 201

P.O. Box

8010 Zurich

Citibank (Switzerland) AG

2 Quai de la Poste

P.O. Box 3946

1211 Geneve 3