Citibank N.A. Sucursal Ecuador

Citibank ® , NA Ecuador Branch was established in the country in 1960, serving our clients uninterruptedly to date. It currently provides work for more than 97 employees nationwide and serves 767 clients throughout the country, through two agencies in Quito and Guayaquil. Additionally, it maintains strategic alliances that allow it to have coverage, nationwide, in more than 20 extended agencies. Citibank, NA Ecuador Branch maintains the highest risk rating in the local market (AAA).

Citi Ecuador is an innovative institution that quickly adapts to the needs of its clients and changes in the market, in order to take advantage of opportunities and grow with them in a sustained manner.

Citi Ecuador is the leader in transactional solutions for the corporate segment. Our electronic channel processes $1 billion dollars per month, providing our clients with the highest standards of security and reliability in their transactions.

Citi has products and is capable of providing quality financial services, in an efficient manner that meets your financial needs.

Corporate values

Common goal

A single team, with a single objective: to serve our clients, our shareholders and the communities where we operate.

Financial Responsibility

A transparent, prudent and trustworthy conduct.


To improve the lives of our customers through innovative actions that capitalize on the breadth and depth of our information, our global network and our world-class products.


Talented and highly trained people, who grow up in an environment of meritocracy in which diversity is respected and which demands excellence, initiative and determination.