Commercial Bank International Plc 2 Year Bond Yield

Treasury Bonds are a type of securities issued by the Central Bank of Sri Lanka through primary auctions held throughout the year. Treasury Bonds are considered to be medium and long term monetary instruments, of which the maturity period ranges from 2 to 20 years.

  • Interest of your investment and maturity proceeds are guaranteed by the Government.
  • Your investment is secure as there is zero default risk.
  • Pre determined fixed rate will be offered for you throughout the life period of the Bond.


Market-determined yield rates enable you to receive the highest possible interest rates.

Can be easily converted to money even before maturity (Discounting).

Easy transfer of ownership of a Treasury bond.

Utility as a mean of collateral i.e. ability to enter into Reverse Repo transactions and other loan facilities etc.

In an interest rate declining environment, you can achieve capital gains by selling the instrument.

In an interest rate rising environment, you can enhance the rate of return by investing the coupon interest receipts at a higher rate.

Treasury bonds carries half yearly coupon payments and the principal is repaid at maturity

You can collect interest and maturity proceeds without a hassle.

Unlike a Treasury Bill, you as the holder of a Bond will be entitled to semi-annual periodic interest payments (coupon interest) which is paid at a pre-determined fixed rate during the life of the bond. Depending on the yield and the coupon rate, the price (Per 100 Rupees) of a bond, can either be more than Rs. 100 (premium) or below Rs. 100 (Discount).


  1. Resident individuals and corporate bodies incorporated in Sri Lanka.
  2. Foreign institutional investors including country funds, regional funds or mutual funds.
  3. Corporate bodies incorporated outside Sri Lanka.
  4. Citizens of foreign states whether resident in Sri Lanka or outside Sri Lanka.
  5. Non resident Sri Lankans are eligible to apply for Treasury Bills.

If you fall in to the category of investors from 3 to 5 as mentioned above, you should invest through Inward Investment Account and securities will be allocated for same after inquiring the availability in the leeway from the Central Bank.

Interest rates

PeriodMaturityLKR 5 Million & Above
2 Years01/08/2024N/A
3 Years15/03/2025N/A
5 Years15/12/2027N/A
7 Years 01/09/2028N/A
10 Years 01/12/2031N/A
* Treasury Bond Rates are net rates and are subjected to change based on the prevailing market rates without prior notice.

* Premature upliftment may result in a capital gain/loss based on the market yield prevailing on the day of upliftment

* Specific cut off time will apply in accepting investments for Treasury Bonds and the cut off time may change from time to time. Please contact your branch for details.

For further details, please contact the Treasury Fixed Income Securities Desk on 011 2 486351/52/48/25/55/47 or contact the nearest Branch.

Documents required

  1. Account mandate.
  2. Know Your Customer (KYC) form.
  3. National Identity Card/ Valid Driving License/ Valid Passport that carries the NIC number.
  4. Address verification documents (If the address given to the bank is different from the National Identity Card / Driving License.) More info >>

How to invest

Duly complete all documents mentioned above and hand them over to your branch.

You can collect the application form from your nearest Commercial Bank branch or download it from our web site.


Once a formal request is forwarded to the Treasury Department, your Treasury Bond will be discounted based on the market rates. 

Terms & conditions apply

Product information and terms & conditions are subject to change from time to time.Therefore, it is advisable to contact the branch nearest to you for the latest information and prevailing terms & conditions.