Commercial Bank International Plc Debit Card

Anytime you use your Debit card at ‘Point-of-Sale*, you earn reward points based on the previous month’s average balance of all deposit accounts you hold with CBI (current accounts, savings accounts, and Fixed Deposits). Please note, Cash Withdrawals do not earn rewards.

Total Average Balance in prior month Rewards Points Multiplier 
Up to AED 19,999No reward points
Between AED 20,000 and AED 99,9991 point per 10 AED spent
AED 100,000 or more1 point per 3 AED spent

*T&C’s apply

Redeeming your rewards points is easy

Visit our rewards program website to see how to redeem your points for flights, hotels, cashback, and shopping vouchers: Rewards Website

Activate your rewards account by clicking here

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The above multipliers only apply to domestic and international point of sale and online transactions but do not apply to cash withdrawals. Fair usage caps apply: The maximum number of reward points that you can earn on all your domestic and international spend per calendar month across credit and debit card spend combined will be capped to 150,000 points. The maximum number of reward points that you can earn under the following spend categories (as per Mastercard/Visa classification) collectively will be capped to 25,000 points: Government Services, Utility Payments, Real Estate, Transport, Petrol/Gas Stations, Distributers, Freight, Courier and Advertising Media.

If you already hold a credit card and receive a monthly rewards statement, your debit card spend rewards will be combined with your credit card rewards spend in the same account and statement