Commercial Bank International Plc In Egypt

CIB is the leading private-sector bank in Egypt, offering a broad range of financial products and services to its customers, which include more than 500 of Egypt’s largest corporations, enterprises of all sizes, institutions, and households. CIB’s strong brand and growth in retail and SME banking segments continues to introduce new customers to the bank. As a result, CIB has succeeded in becoming the most profitable commercial bank operating in Egypt for more than 40 years.

The Bank was founded in 1975 as Chase National Bank, a joint venture between Chase Manhattan Bank and the National Bank of Egypt (NBE). In 1987, Chase divested its stake to NBE, who renamed the former joint venture Commercial International Bank.

Over time, NBE’s ownership in CIB declined, and in 2006 a consortium led by Ripplewood Holdings acquired NBE’s remaining 19%. In 2009, Actis, a Pan-African private equity firm specializing in emerging markets, acquired 50% of Ripplewood Consortium’s stake and became CIB’s single largest shareholder, with a 9.06% stake.

The emergence of Actis as CIB’s predominant shareholder marked a key transition in the bank’s strategic relationships. In March 2014, Actis divested 2.6% of its stake in CIB on the open market, maintaining its seat on the board, and in May of that year, sold its remaining stake to several wholly-owned subsidiaries of Fairfax Financial Holdings. Fairfax Financial Holdings owns through its wholly-owned subsidiaries a total of 6.55% of CIB’s shares, making it the only strategic shareholder in CIB. Their interests in CIB are represented with one Board seat on the Bank’s Board of Directors

What we do

Corporate Banking and Global Customer Relations Group

Widely recognized as Egypt’s preeminent corporate bank, CIB serves enterprises ranging from industry leading corporates to medium-sized businesses.

Debt Capital Markets

Global product knowledge, local expertise, and capital resources make CIB an Egyptian industry leader in project finance, syndicated loans, securitization, bonds, and structured finance. CIB’s project finance and syndicated loan teams facilitate market access for large borrowers, providing them with world-class services at exceptional execution times.

Direct Investment

As a local player that adheres to widely acclaimed international standards, CIB actively participates in select direct investment opportunities in Egypt and across the region, maximizing return on investment.

Financial Institution Group

CIB provides a diverse set of banking and financial services designed to suit the needs of different financial institutions through facilities tailored to address the financing needs of banking and non-banking financial institutions.

Treasury and Capital Market Services

CIB delivers world-class services in the areas of cash and liquidity management, capital markets, foreign exchange, and derivatives.

Strategic Relations Group

CIB is dedicated to servicing its prime institutional entities through the Strategic Relations Group. SRG carries out this function with highly qualified relationship managers, who supply our customers with exclusive, personalized services, catering to their unique business needs. The market segment covered by SRG contains strategic entities, including, but not limited to, the vast majority of sovereign diplomatic missions.

Enterprise and Governmental Relations Group 

Enterprises and Governmental Relations aims at managing the Bank’s relationship with strategic governmental and large enterprises by focusing on providing first class service and lifetime value for top tier local and regional companies under state owned enterprises, governmental entities or sovereign authorities, which require a more sophisticated level of service in order to increase their business with CIB. In addition to creating new business opportunities for other lines of business out of those customers through offering different corporate, digital and consumer products and services.

Global Transaction and Digital Banking

The Bank’s Global Transaction and Digital Banking Group manages all corporate and consumer digital channels to fully integrate the Bank into our clients’ daily lives. It develops simple, reliable, and consultative digital experiences that meet customers’ needs anytime, anywhere, and on any device.