Commercial Bank International Plc Qatar

Commercial Bank can support your business in Qatar and the international market​.

​As the 2nd largest Private Bank ​in Qatar and with a presence across the GCC region, we provide a comprehensive range of corporate banking solutions to regional and international companies.

What we offer

  • Working Capital Loan
  • Bilateral and Syndicated Loans
  • Term Loan
  • Revolving Loan
  • Structured Financing
  • Letters Of Credit, Guarantees, Collections
  • LC Refinance
  • Bills Discounting
  • LC Discounting
  • Fund Transfers (Commercial and Treasury Payments)
  • Demanded Drafts
  • Bankers Cheques
  • Foreign Exchange and Money Market Placements
  • Vostro Accounts
  • Nostro Accounts
  • Fixed Deposits
  • Deposit Linked Notes
  • Structured Deposits

​We have a broad capability in a range of different trade and treasury solutions as

well as a track record in arranging and syndicating large financial solutions.​

Through our knowledge and contacts internationally we can guide you to

maximize the benefit of your business activity. Our international impact is further

highlighted by our participation in structured transactions across the MENA region.

Qatar is a global leader in world investment, with its influence quickly expanding

in the last decade. Our International B anking capabilities have grown in line with

the rapid development of Qatar’s external trade and investment inflows.