Commercial Bank Of Dubai P.J.S.C Policy

Directors’ Remuneration Policy

Director remuneration is decided by the AGM, at the end of each fiscal year, based on the ratification by the Board on the recommendation of the Nomination and Remuneration Committee. Director remuneration is in accordance with UAE laws and regulations.

Directors’ Conflict of Interest

Directors are required to declare the nature and extent of any perceived conflict of interest in issues to be considered by the Board. Should the Board resolve that the conflict is material, such interested member may not be present to discuss or vote over the resolution. It is responsibility of all Board Directors to declare any current or potential conflict of interest to the Board at the beginning of any meeting.

Communication and Disclosure Policy

The Bank is committed to providing timely, consistent and accurate information to its stakeholders, and to the public. Information that is consistent with legal and regulatory requirements. In the interest of transparency all members of the investment community, including individual investors, have prompt and simultaneous access to disclosed information.

Policy Documents