Commercial Bank Of Dubai P.J.S.C Tracking

Automatic categorization of all transactions from your accounts and credit cards, so you know exactly where your money goes.

Manage your money

  • View all transactions from your accounts credit cards in one place
  • Save your time and effort with automatic categorization of all your expenses
  • Track your spending with colorful and easy to understand charts

Learn how to budget

  • Relax and keep the hard work on us with automatically calculated budgets based on your past spending
  • Plan ahead and set budgets for special events like a wedding or a holiday, so you won’t be surprised by overwhelming expenses
  • Take charge of your finances and compare your expenses with your budget and how much left for you to spend

Set savings goals

  • Achieve your financial goals faster, whether you want to buy a car, a dream house or planning a trip
  • Create your savings goals, set the amount and the target date and Budget and Track will calculate the required monthly savings
  • Monitor your progress towards achieving your savings goals and get feedback on your performance

Stay in control

  • Receive daily, weekly or monthly email notifications to track your expenses and to compare them with your budget
  • Receive monthly report on your financial performance and get feedback on how to improve your money management
  • Receive notifications once you reach certain percentage of your budget in chosen categories

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1. Do you have a habit of overspending?

Don’t worry, you can set a budget on categories you tend to overspend and track your progress. 
Go to Budget and Track, Click on Dashboard and choose Budget tab. Click on Select categories to add the spending categories you want to monitor.

2. Do you have upcoming special occasion, trip or wedding?

Plan ahead for your special event to adjust your spending, so you won’t be surprised by overwhelming expenses. 
Go to Budget and Track, click on Budget and choose Future planning tab.  Click on the desired category and month, set your budget and see how it will affect your total budget and expenses for that month.

3. Stay on top of your finances

Take charge of your finances and view visual reports to track your monthly expenses, income and savings. You can also view your monthly and annual financial performance.

Go to Budget and Track, click on Reports and choose the desired report.

4. Do you have a dream car or a dream house?

We will help you to be right on track to get it. With Budget and Track, you can create a life goal, allocate monthly savings and track your progress. 
Go to Budget and Track,  click on Life goals and create a new goal. Name your savings goal, set the amount and the target date and the tool will automatically calculate the required monthly savings. You can also set your monthly savings and the tool will tell you when you can achieve it.

5. Get and stick to your financial plans

Keep an eye on your budget and expenses with Budget and Track e-mail notifications. 
Go to Budget and Track, click on Settings, choose Notifications and subscribe for the desired notification.

6. Save your time by creating rules for your transactions

For example, if your salary arrives few days early or few days late and twists your budget, create a rule to always move the transaction to the correct date. 
Go to Budget and Track, click on Transactions, click on the transaction description and then click on Create rule.

7. Are you curious to know how you are spending in comparison to others?

Now you can do it with our Budget and Track. You can compare your expenses, income and savings with your peer group.
Go to Budget and Track, click on Settings page and update your profile under About you tab. Then go to Insights and compare your financial performance with your peers.