Dubai Islamic Bank Minimum Salary

Looking for additional funds? How about an additional salary? Get Dubai Islamic Bank Salary-in-advance* credited to your account instantly!

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The Key Fact Statement for Salary-in-Advance can be found under Al Islami Current Account, Al Islami Savings Account, and Al Islami 2-in-1 Account.


Providing instant credit funds, the Salary-in-advance product is available 24/7 to eligible salary account holders. With no paperwork required. The facility is granted on Qard Hasan basis, subject to terms & conditions.


Al Islami Salary-in-Advance is a temporary salary advance facility of up to 90% of one month’s net salary. This facility can be availed every month, provided full payment for the amount received is made by the month-end one month from availing the facility.

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If you are a salaried individual, receiving your salary in your account at Dubai Islamic Bank, you are eligible to apply for the Al Islami Salary-in-Advance facility.