Easa Saleh Al Gurg National Bank Of Fujairah

New payment option reinforces ESAG and NBF’s joint commitment to provide cutting edge solutions to improve customer convenience

Easa Saleh Al Gurg (ESAG) Real Estate has announced a progressive partnership with the National Bank of Fujairah to provide tenants at all ESAG properties with the option to pay their rent in monthly direct debit installments.

The forward-thinking collaboration will provide greater flexibility to tenants who have traditionally paid rent by cheque through quarterly installments. The system, which has been thoroughly tested, utilises National Bank of Fujairah’s secure and convenient digital payment systems. The solution has been enabled in collaboration with Direct Debit System FZ LLE, a Dubai based payment management business.

ESAG Real Estate is one of the first private sector landlords in UAE to offer this facility to tenants. Customers will now be able to fill in a single direct debit authority form for their rent to be deducted monthly.

“Traditional methods of rental payments no longer serve the best interests of our customers. The option to pay their rent using monthly direct debit makes life easier for tenants and will help lighten financial strain, underlining our commitment to responding to our tenants’ needs. Furthermore, it highlights our Group’s alignment with Dubai’s aim to be a smart and digitised city,” said Abdulla Al Gurg, Group CEO of ESAG.

“This initiative has been possible thanks to the commitment of our partners at National Bank of Fujairah and we are thankful for their adaptability and belief in our vision. We look forward to our customers using this facility, which ensures a better, more efficient payment experience,” added Al Gurg.

Vince Cook, CEO of National Bank of Fujairah believes the partnership will lead to further developments in the wider industry: “Our collaboration with ESAG Real Estate will serve as a leading example on how to transition to modern payment pathways within the real estate sector and across multiple industries. Today’s customers are increasingly looking for convenience, and this partnership is in line with the bank’s aim of supporting clients’ personal and professional needs.”  

The move comes as Dubai works towards achieving its Smart Dubai initiatives to fully embrace digital transformation by the end of 2021. The payment platform correlates with the Smart Dubai pillars to provide Efficient, Seamless, Safe and Personalised services.

The direct debit option is now available to tenants of all ESAG Real Estate properties as well as properties managed on behalf of Easa Saleh Al Gurg Charity Foundation. The Group is confident it will be of great benefit to its clients.

Current and prospective tenants of ESAG Real Estate can get more information on the direct debit facility by contacting 800 ALGURG (254874).

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