Emirates Islamic Bank P.J.S.C. Digital

Apply for a Business Banking account online with the Emirates Islamic Business Banking Digital package.

  • Low charges for Online Transactions
  • Digital Business Banking
  • Easy banking
  • Convenient business transactions hours


  • Preferential pricing for online transactions
  • Lower minimum balance requirements
  • Business Debit Card with daily withdrawal limit of AED 50,000/-
  • Dedicated Relationship Manager
  • Complete Suite of Cash Management Products


Our Business Banking Digital Package is the easiest way to apply for Business Banking account online, and gives you access to a broad range of liability and financing solutions that help you achieve the long-term goals of your organization.


  • Average Monthly Credit Balance in Current Account of AED 10,000 and more
  • Available to New to Bank customers only
  • Mandatory Business Debit Card*

*Business Debit Card is issued to all accounts with single signatory authorization. (not allowed for joint signatory accounts) for more details click here

Please Note: A nominal fall below fee of AED 300 per month will apply if the above conditions are not met.

Documents Required

  • Company profile and valid legal documents including
    1. Passport copies of all owners
    2. Commercial registration
    3. Business and/or Trade License
    4. Articles of Association or partnership documents
    5. Chamber of commerce certificate
  • Audited/in-house financial statements for 3 years
  • Bank statements for 12 months
  • Facilities request letter
  • Any other documents (as required by the Bank)