Emirates Islamic Bank P.J.S.C. Investments

At the heart of the Emirates Islamic experience is a dedication to the customer, who sits at the heart of the bank. Our customers are our partners, we work together to ensure that we deliver the best results for them and for the bank. By utilizing Islamic financing tools like Murabaha, Ijarah and Takaful, we reduce the uncertainty in transactions and provide solutions that are right for our customers, whether they are an individual looking to save or a large corporation searching for a long term partner.

Ways to Invest


These ever popular Islamic instruments are primarily solicited by those who seek a regular income. Our clients benefit from a platform that offer access to the region’s leading issuers. These Islamic debt investments are issued by a government body – government sukuks – or by a company – corporate sukuks – to lenders. The purchaser of a sukuk receives regular profit payments for a certain period of time, which constitute the income return. The principal is returned at maturity unless the lender defaults.

Gold certificate

Emirates Islamic gold certificates take the hassle of ownership and keep your physical gold in a safe and secure location. Investors can trade at spot-live prices in various fineness standards.

Leading Islamic funds

Emirates Islamic offers a wide range of market-leading mutual funds whether you wish to invest in equities, fixed income, or many more themes. Mutual funds are an ideal way to mitigate risk through diversification; above all, they are managed by professionals who aim to deliver a superior return.

Regional and International equity trading

Emirates Islamic is pleased to offer our customers a platform to trade in regional and international equities as well as debt instruments.