Emirates Islamic Bank P.J.S.C. Virtual

Emirates Islamic Virtual Cards is a unique solution layered on top of a dedicated Primary Card number, which gives Authorized Account User with the following tools and functionalities.

Virtual Card Solution

Generate Virtual card

  • Generate a randomly-generated, unique Card number associated with a specific payment
  • Virtual Card is valid for a single use or a specified number of uses, this can be defined by Authorized Account User
  • Virtual Card can be generated when needed and after proper approval is obtained
  • Securely transmit to the specific supplier at the proper time of payment
  • Accepted and processed at any supplier around the world that accepts MasterCard cards
  • Virtual Cards are mapped to the Primary Card number for payments, suppliers never see the real Primary Card number

Set transactions controls – Authorized Account user can set transaction level controls by the following categories:

  • Supplier category
  • Transaction amount
  • Number of uses for the Virtual Card number
  • Date or date range on which the Card can be used

Payment will be blocked if it does not meet each of the controls criteria defined.

Other benefits

Online Smart Data solutions

Emirates Islamic Corporate Card solution offers electronic data reporting through Mastercard Smart Data Generation 2 (SDG2) to drive efficiency and oversight.

SDG2 is a revolutionary web-based reporting solution for expense and information management. It helps you turn data into business intelligence with customizable templates, HTML previews, advanced filtering options, report categorization, and the ability to create and export reports in a variety of formats.

Corporate Liability Waiver

When extending cards to employees it is important to ensure you feel comfort regarding the spend that can take place therefore all Emirates Islamic Corporate Credit Card’s comes with Corporate Liability Waiver protection.

In the case of an incident, Corporate Liability Waiver protection will protect the company against unauthorized use of the card by its employees, up to a maximum annual amount of $25,000 per Cardholder and $1,600,000 per Company.

Click here to view the Corporate Liability Waiver Claim Request Form.

Click here to view General Terms & Conditions for Corporate Credit Card.

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