Emirates NBD Bank Account

Emirates NBD Bank Account can be opened by anyone that meets the account opening requirements of the bank and UAE at large.

You can open an account with Emirates NBD in two easy ways.

The first and most traditional way of opening any type of Emirates NBD bank account is by simply visiting a branch of the bank close to you. You can also open a bank account by providing all the necessary details on the official website and a customer care representative will contact you immediately to process your account for you.

Documents Needed To Open Emirates NBD Bank Account

    • Copy of passport(s) and original passport(s) for validation
    • Sponsor’s letter of no objection
    • Salary Certificate (in case of salary transfer accounts); in the absence of a Salary Certificate, any one of the following documents may be obtained:

      • Appointment Letter / Contract Copy
      • Pay slip (< 3 month old)
      • Consolidated letter from HR for bulk accounts
      • Most recent statement of account where customer’s salary is being transferred

        Documents required for non-individuals*:
    • Commercial/Federal registration certificates (wherever applicable)
    • Certificate of commencement of business (for Joint Stock Companies)
    • Not applicable for company under formation
    • Power of Attorney, if applicable
    • Passport copies of the authorized signatories
    • BOD resolution specifying the titles/designations of officials authorized to open/operate the account and the extent of their authority and the manner to operate the account
    • Memorandum and Articles of Association to ascertain the period of company
    • For public shareholding companies – a list of names and addresses of shareholders where share holdings exceed 5% shall also be submitted*additional documents may be required as per Bank policy

Types of Emirates NBD Bank Account

Emirates NBD has 4 major classifications of accounts which are listed with their benefits below.

Current Accounts

The current account is a checking account that gives you a variety of features and easy access for your utmost convenience and flexibility.

  • Free Debit Card
  • Checking Facility
  • Non-Interest Bearing Account

Islamic Current Account

Shari’s compliant Islamic current account with no profit payment.

  • Available in two currencies – AED and USD
  • Minimum relationship balance requirement of AED 3,000 or Equivalent
  • Free international Debit Card or ATM

Special Current Account

The Emirates NBD special account is a checking account that earns your interest

  • Interest Bearing Account
  • For salaried Individuals
  • Free International Debit Cards

Call Deposit Account

Suitable for non-individual customers to park funds into an account with no restriction on transactions

  • Available in major currencies such as AED, USD, EUR, GBP etc
  • No cheque book or Debit card
  • No fixed tenor