FAB Elite Current Account

FAB Elite Current Account offers superior banking with free international remittances, exclusive lounge access, free debit card, and many more. You can open an Elite Current Account instantly on the FAB Mobile app, and start earning FAB Rewards on balances and debit card purchases. All you need is a monthly income of AED 50,000 or more, and you are ready to start banking Elite Current Account.

Check out the features, eligibility requirements, documents needed and all the necessary information you need on First Abu Dhabi Bank Elite Current Account.

Features of FAB Elite Current Account

  • Multi-currency accounts with no minimum balance requirement
  • Free unlimited cheque books
  • First international remittance free per month (AED Accounts only, FAB charges only)
  • Free Elite Gold Mastercard World debit card


  • Elite Eligibility is 500,000 AED the Total Relationship Balance (TRB), 2,500,000 AED Mortgage or 50,000 AED Salary Transfer

TRB = Current/savings/call account balance + fixed deposits + investments

Required documents

  • The completed account opening form
  • Copy of a valid passport/resident visa/Emirates ID (originals must also be presented)
  • Proof of income

Note: Additional documents may be required on a case-by-case basis

Debit card benefits

Your Elite Current Account comes with a free Elite Gold Mastercard World debit card, which provides easy access to your money

  • High daily ATM cash withdrawal (up to AED 25,000) and purchase limits (up to AED 75,000)
  • Free cash withdrawals from any ATM in the UAE
  • Four free cash withdrawals per month from any ATM outside the UAE
  • Access to exclusive benefits and preferential treatment across the world


Rewarding in every way

With your Elite Current Account, you will earn FAB Rewards on your account balance and debit card spending

  • Earn 60 FAB Rewards for every AED 100 you spend domestically and 120 FAB Rewards for every AED 100 you spend internationally.
  • Earn 8 FAB Rewards for every AED 1,000 average account balance, up to a maximum of 150,000 FAB Rewards per month (a minimum average monthly balance of AED 10,000 is required).
  • Enjoy instant redemption at your fingertips and easily choose from an extensive selection of rewards such as shopping, cashback, paying your utility bills, dining out or booking your next holiday. 
  • Experience exclusive lifestyle rewards through our World Mastercard debit card.

Note: For joint account holders, Stars earned based on the average balance will be equally divided across all the holders of the account

Debit card daily limits

  • ATM cash withdrawal limit AED 25,000
  • Retail purchase transaction limit AED 75,000

To open FAB Elite Current Account or get more information about it, Click here to visit the official FAB Website. You can also contact First Abu Dhabi Bank customer service for assistance.