Features and Benefits of FAB Bank Accounts

First Abu Dhabi Bank operates a number of accounts including Elite Savings account, Elite Guest Account, One Account, Personal call account, and many more. Each of these accounts has its own individual uniqueness and features but some things run through all these accounts.

We take a look at the Features and Benefits of FAB Bank Accounts below.

Features and Benefits of FAB Bank Accounts

Debit Card

FAB allows the account holder to access their funds and shop around conveniently from wherever they are through the Debit Card for free. Some accounts offer free debit cards and some also reward you for using the debit card for shopping.

Minimum Balance

There is no requirement to maintain any minimum balance on some of the FAB accounts, while the account holder will have to maintain a minimum monthly average balance of AED 3,000 on the rest of the accounts.

International Remittance

The account holder can enjoy the 1st international remittance free every month only in AED accounts. They just have to bear FAB charges of the remittances, all other things are free once a month.

Interest Rate

First Abu Dhabi bank offers competitive and tiered rates of interest on this FAB savings Accounts

Multiple Currency

Not just AED, this bank account is available in various other major currencies of the world too.


The account holder has high limits on daily withdrawal and unlimited & free ATM withdrawals within the UAE.

Cheque Book

The bank offers a free cheque book to the account holder on account opening.

You can contact FAB in case you need more explanation my the individual accounts and their benefits.