How To Close Standard Chartered Bank Account

Closing Accounts

The procedure for closing an account with SCB Falklands is as follows:

  • Relinquish visa card (if applicable) 5 days before leaving the Falkland Islands
  • Relinquish cheque book (if applicable) 3 days before leaving the Falkland Islands
  • Cancel any direct debit(s) / standing orders with SCB and with the company these pertain to.
  • Clients are to come into the branch 3-5 working days before they are due to depart the islands
  • For joint accounts both parties will need to visit the branch to sign the account closure form
  • Clients can transfer their remaining balance via telegraphic transfer which will include a £30.00 charge, this can take up to three working days to be credited to the overseas account. Clients can take their remaining funds in cash, for sterling there is a 1.25% charge per £100.00.
  • We will be unable to close the account until all cheques and visa transactions have cleared. We will require you to leave sufficient funds in your account to cover any outstanding debts.

The procedures for closing an account with SCB Falklands when absent from the Falkland Islands:

  • Client will need to hold email indemnity on their account(s), this is important as we will need this to follow any signed instructions that we receive via email
  • SCB will not accept any instructions from an email address that is not recorded in our system, if we do not hold the email address we will email a change of contact details form which will need to be completed before we can proceed.
  • Client will need to send a signed letter requesting the closure of their account(s) which can be accepted via email if account holds email indemnity, for joint accounts both parties must sign
  • Client will need to complete a telegraphic transfer form for remaining funds to be remitted overseas which will include a £30.00 charge

For any further queries please don’t hesitate to contact the branch on 21352 or via email at [email protected]