How to Open First Abu Dhabi Bank Bank Account

How to Open First Abu Dhabi Bank Bank Account: Opening a FAB account has never been easier. You can now open a bank account right from your mobile phone and get the account activated within 24 hours.

FAB has a number of bank accounts designed based on the lifestyle of their customers taking into consideration the average person and the extremely rich person in the UAE and the world at large. There’s an account for everyone no matter your needs. Be it an elite account or a normal current account.

First Abu Dhabi Bank has different channels through which an individual can open a bank account. The commonest or the easiest way is to use the FAB mobile app.

Following are the different channels for opening FAB Account in the UAE.

Phone Banking

The applicant can call on the official customer service number of the bank to put forward a request for account opening.

Online Banking

The safe and user-friendly online banking portal of First Abu Dhabi Bank allows the applicant to open their Savings bank account from wherever they are.

Mobile Banking

The applicant can download the “FAB Mobile App” through the Google Play Store on Android or App Store on iOS. They can open and manage their bank account from this app anytime and anywhere.

Branch Visit

If they are still looking for traditional ways, then they can visit the nearest bank branch and get their FAB Account opened.

You can also contact FAB customer service to make enquiries on all First Abu Dhabi bank accounts and the requirements as well as documents needed to open them.