Industrial And Commercial Bank Of China Directors

Currently, the Bank has 13 directors in total, including 4 executive directors, 5 non-executive directors and 4 independent non-executive directors. 

With diversified backgrounds, directors of the Bank complement each other with regard to their expertise, professional competence and experience and express diversified perspectives and views, which ensure scientific decision-making of the Board of Directors. The Nomination Committee of the Board of Directors assesses the improvement of diversified composition of the Board of Directors in addition to its framework, number of directors and formation on a yearly basis.


Chen SiqingChairman, Executive Director
Liao LinVice Chairman, Executive Director, President
Zheng GuoyuExecutive director, Vice President
Wang JingwuExecutive director, Vice President
Lu YongzhenNon-executive director
Feng WeidongNon-executive director
Cao LiqunNon-executive director
Chen YifangNon-executive director
Dong YangNon-executive director
Anthony Francis NEOHIndependent Non-executive Director
Yang Siu ShunIndependent Non-executive Director
Shen SiIndependent Non-executive Director
Fred Zuliu HuIndependent Non-executive Director

Secretary to the Board of Directors:

Guan XueqingBoard Secretary

Where there is any discrepancy between the Chinese and English versions of the Bank’s corporate governance documents, the Chinese version shall prevail. Please refer to the Chinese version where the English version is not available.