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Ensure You Are Always Protected Check out these security tips to protect yourself from potential online threats.

  • Please be aware that imposters try to steal your bank account information by sending you emails that may appear “genuine” and coming from your bank including Invest Bank. Such fraudulent emails typically include attachments and/or request personal information.
  • The fraudulent email may also provide a link that connects to website, which may look similar to Invest Bank. Such mails are actually designed to trick you into downloading a virus or jumping to a fraudulent website and disclosing sensitive information.
  • Be very suspicious of any business or person who asks for your password, or other highly sensitive or personal and security information.
  • We would like to remind you that Invest Bank does not ask customers to provide sensitive information in this way. NEVER reply to such emails.
  • If you have responded to one of the emails giving personal information, please contact your Branch Manager immediately to initiate preventive measures.

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