KEB Hana Bank Asset Size

Hana Bank is one of the largest banks in South Korea, a subsidiary of Hana Financial Group (the value of its assets reached USD 125 billion and is ranked the largest financial institutions in the world, ranking 93 in 2008). Hana Bank has an important role as a financial partner of global standards that has representatives in different parts of the world such as in New York, Tokyo, Hong Kong, Singapore, and China.
Besides Hana Bank Korea, PT. Bank KEB Hana is also supported by the IFC (International Finance Corporation), a subsidiary of the World Bank. IFC is an organization that helps developing countries by creating jobs, developing a better environment, and provide consulting services. As a global banking organization, Bank KEB Hana Indonesia exists to serve customers with highly satisfying and providing a unique banking experience by working with IFC. And now PT Bank KEB Hana invites you to visit PT Bank KEB Hana, to meet the best people in its field, and feel the global standard services for your satisfaction.

Premiere Global Bank, financial best service

As the best bank which provides asset management services professionally and comprehensively, we are determined to become the best bank in Indonesia by providing a variety of products and services to meet customers’ needs. With the network and services of international standard, Hana Bank promises to become our customers’ best financial partner.

Honesty and trust, without sacrificing core values

Honesty and trust are two of our core values that ​​will never change. Our commitment is to always maintain honesty and trust, even in the worst moments. Professional integrity as a financial institution, a dynamic leader and responsible also being flexible for the dynamic changes are the values ​​held by Hana Bank staffs every single day. They are the driving force that make Hana Bank as financial service providers on board who actually have integrity.

Customer Satisfaction, it is always our priority

Hana Bank logo symbolizes our affection to the customer. By taking the letter “H” of the Korean alphabet, it represents the attitude of Hana are always welcome customers with open arms. This symbol also reflects the entrepreneurial spirit possessed with the staff at Hana Bank and a deep respect for our clients.

Risk Management, precautions

The instability of global economy makes the banks pay particular attention to risk management. Risk management is a major force in running Hana Bank businesses. We focus on how to take preventive measures in order to maintain our investment and credit portfolios. We always carries out the examination of the accounts and actively manage credit ceiling based on various predefined categories. We believe that Hana Bank will always ensure the stability and security of client assets.