KEB Hana Bank Canada Mortgage

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Residential Mortgage

  • Loans secured by residential properties for the purpose of purchasing, renovating, and refinancing.
  • Providing up to 80% of purchase price or appraised value

This calculator can be used to estimate the prepayment charge for your Fixed Interest Rate Mortgage.

The prepayment charge calculated by this calculator applies only if you prepay the full outstanding amount of your mortgage loan.

Prepayment will be charged if you prepay greater than your prepayment privilege amount.

This calculator can be used to estimate the prepayment charge for your fixed interest rate mortgage. This calculator applies only if you prepay in full prior to your maturity date.

Please download mortgage prepayment calculator for fixed rate.
Download “Calculator”

*Current Interest Rate can be found on the most recent document from one of the following list:
  i) Loan Agreement;
  ii) Cost of Borrowing Disclosure Statement;
  iii) Most recent Renewal Agreement; and
  iv) Annual Mortgage Statement.

Legal Notice
This tool allows you to obtain an estimate of the amount of the charges payable following a prepayment of your mortgage loan. This data generated is an approximation only and does not create a legal or contractual obligation for KEB Hana Bank Canada. For any questions, you may at any time contact your branch. Read More