KEB Hana Bank Korea Aml Questionnaire

KEB Hana Bank (D) AG is keen to comply with the recommendations issued by the Financial Action Task Force and others concerning Know-Your-Customer and Anti–Money Laundering issues.

If you seek information about KEB Hana Bank (D) AG regarding measures to prevent money laundering and terrorist financing, the documents below should provide a good foundation for your preparation of a KYC analysis.

As a result of international sanctions KEB Hana Bank (D) AG implemented some restrictions in relation to payments to and from certain countries. These restrictions will, in a few cases, be more extensive than the imposed sanctions in order to avoid possible operational risks in connection with such payments.

Any questions about sanctions as well as payments to and from specific countries can be directed directly to KEB Hana Bank (D) AG’s advisors in our financial center.

If you have any questions about this information, please write to us.


If your bank has been asked to complete our questionnaire on Anti-Money Laundering measures and the prevention of terrorist financing, you can download and fill in the form in the Word for Windows file below. Please return the completed questionnaire, duly signed, by ordinary post.


Wolfsberg Group AML Questionnaire – completed by KEB Hana Bank (D) AG2021PDFEN