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Hana Financial Group offers ample opportunities for all employees to realize their dreams and helps customer expand their assets and grow their businesses, building its presence as a financial institution that does its utmost to contribute to establishing a prosperous society and maximizing shareholder value.

Get help on Korean imports, exports, and FDI.

Receive a free consultation from our very best experts at KEB Hana Bank, London branch.

KEB Hana Bank specializes in Foreign Currencies and Imports and Exports in Korea.

★KEB Hana Bank will be your success partner★

  • Export/Import
    • – Nego L/C, L/C Open, Advice, EUBB
  • Foreign Exchange/Transfer
    • – available
    • – Transfer globally through Internet Banking available
    • – Fast and Flexible communications service through any branches of KEB Hana bank in Korea and Overseas
  • Loan
    • – Working Capital Loan, Facility Loan, Guarantee
  • Deposit
    • 1)Current Account: Cheque deposit/withdrawal, Direct Debit- Real time credit for money transfer to other U.K.banks
    • 2)Free Installment Deposit: Easy deposit of extra funds- Period: 6 months ~ 24month- No limit on a number of deposits per month. (up to GBP500 per month)
    • 3)Time Deposit: Long-term -Stable management of lump-sum deposit- Period: 1month~12month
  • Contact by Email : [email protected]
  • Contact by Telephone : 44-207-606-0191

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Email. [email protected]

Location: 2/F 8 Old Jewry London EC2R 8DN

Public Holidays

Every weekend (Saturday, Sunday)
New Year’s Day (1st, Jan)
Easter (Good Friday, Easter Monday)
May Day Bank Holiday (1st Monday of May)
Spring Bank Holiday (Last Monday of May)
Last Summer Bank Holiday (Last Monday of August)
Christmas and Boxing Day (25th, 26th December)