KEB Hana Bank Russia

Hana Financial Group offers ample opportunities for all employees to realize their dreams and helps customer expand their assets and grow their businesses, building its presence as a financial institution that does its utmost to contribute to establishing a prosperous society and maximizing shareholder value.

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Business hours

MON – FRI, 9:00 AM ~ 6:00 PM

Tel. +7-495-988-47-01

Fax. +7-495-988-47-29


Email. [email protected]


Public Holidays

Every weekend (Saturday, Sunday)
New Year’s Day (Public holidays can be different every year.)
The day of defender of the Fatherland (23 Feb)
Women’s Day (8 Mar)
Labor Day (1 May)
Victory Day (9 May)
The Day Of Russia (12 Jun)
The day of national unity (4 Nov)

※ Each year holidays can be added as substitute holiday is applied .

Our Staff

DepartmentThe name of the employeeE-mail
CEOKIM IN BAE[email protected]
Director of Business supporting groupKIM TAE YOUNG[email protected]
Director of Marketing groupOH SUK MIN[email protected]
DepositKupriyanova Elena[email protected]
CreditBotiev Alexander[email protected]
Compliance OfficerRusanova Lada[email protected]
TreasuryKuznetsov Ivan[email protected]
FIAndreeva Veronika[email protected]


Northen Tower Ent. 2 floor 1, 10 Testovskaya street Moscow 123317 Russia