KEB Hana Bank Trade And Services Department

Hana Financial Group offers ample opportunities for all employees to realize their dreams and helps customer expand their assets and grow their businesses, building its presence as a financial institution that does its utmost to contribute to establishing a prosperous society and maximizing shareholder value.

  • Loan
    • Guarantee, Bond, DA, Loan on Bills (Facility/Operating), Overdraft, Syndicated loan, FRN (Floating Rate Note)
    • Eligibility : Corporate Customer who has Audit Report
    • Collateral Security : Guaranteed from parent/subsidiary company, Time Deposit, Standby LC, Air craft, etc.
  • Deposit
    • 1) Current Account: Cheque , deposit / withdrawal /transfer /Ordinary Account: deposit / withdrawal / transfer
    • 2) Time Deposit: lump-sum deposit for a fixed period
      • Period: 1month~12month
  • Export/Import
    • Collection, Negotiation of L/C and Non-LC Based export receivables, L/C Open(Usance / Sight), Advice, EUBB
  • FX dealing
    • All Customer who have account with Abu Dhabi Branch.
  • Foreign Exchange/Transfer – available
    • Transfer globally through Internet Banking available
    • Fast and Flexible communications service through any branches of KEB Hana bank in Korea and Overseas