Mashreq Bank P.S.C. Rate

With effect from January 2019, all fees and charges mentioned below are inclusive of 5% Value Added Tax unless stated not applicable in the bank SOC’s as per taxation regulations.

Secure your future with Mashreq Insure+ Saver

Get an unbeatable 4% p.a. now as you secure your future with Mashreq Insure+ Saver

Now you don’t have to wait for years to see the rewards of your forward-planning. Invest a minimum of US$ 25,000 in our Insurance Savings Plan and the same amount in our 3-month Fixed Deposit (at the same time) and you’ll be earning an interest rate most people would consider impossible. It’s the perfect way to let your savings reap your rewards. And the ideal way to secure your family’s future in 2015.

Terms & Conditions:

  • Saving offerings are offered by renowned International and regional Insurance companies. All product features, benefits, returns are offered by the Insurance company and not by Mashreqbnk psc. Mashreqbank psc shall not be responsible for Insurance providers actions or decisions nor shall Mashreqbank psc be liable regarding payment of claims or services under the policy/insurance contract.
  • The 4% per annum rate of interest is valid for 3 months only.
  • The principal amount will be fixed for the entire fixed deposit tenor.
  • The interest on the fixed deposit will be accrued monthly on the principal and credited on liquidation/maturity to the same account.
  • Interest Rates are subject to change without prior notice.
  • In case of cancellation of the unit linked saving plan within 30 days from the date of subscription, the corresponding fixed deposit will be force liquidated and funds(principal only) will be auto-credited to customer’s account held with the Bank (account that was initially used to fund the fixed deposit). In case of a forced liquidation, the customer will not get any interest on the fixed deposit amount
  • For pre-mature withdrawals of Fixed Deposits, a penal rate of 2% will be charged i.e. the interest applicable for the total period for which the deposit has run less applicable penalty.