Mashreq Bank P.S.C. Transfer

Whether your beneficiary shared with you full bank details or not, you can always generate the IBAN from the bank account number and bank name only for more convenience.

Whenever you need to send money to your relatives abroad or to another bank account you own, Mashreq allows you to do it quickly and securely. Unlike many banks, our AED 25 International transfer fee allows you to transparently know what it costs.

But depending on the reason of your transfer, you can decide who pays the fee

So Who Pays The Correspondent Charges?

The reasons behind a transfer different from one customer to another, we allow you to choose who is going to pay the charges associated to your transfer:.


only, to fully pay the fee (AED 25)


charges to equally split the fee with the receiver (AED 12.50 – AED 12.50)


only if you are not responsible for the charges ( AED 0 for you, AED 25 for the beneficiary)

Can I Receive Money On My Account?

Of course, at Mashreq we provide to all our customers an IBAN number so anyone can transfer you money from abroad or within the UAE. This convenience is free and provided to you at your account opening. To check your IBAN, simply login to MashreqOnline and click on Account Details

  • Login to MashreqOnline
  • Select Money Transfer and then Within Mashreq Transfer
  • Select Money Transfer >> International Transfer
  • Add your Beneficiary, enter the amount to transfer: done.