National Bank Of U.A.Q Psc Form Download

The bank is engaged in providing retail and corporate banking services through a network of 12 branches in U.A.E. The Bank carries out Islamic banking operations through Islamic Banking window established in 2005 across its branch network.

The bank maintains consistently high capital adequacy and liquidity ratios which demonstrate the financial resilience developed through robust corporate governance and financial disciplines.

E-Forms Center


  1. DDA Form – Loans without Operative Account
  2. DDA Form – Loans with Operative Account
  3. Direct Debit Originator Registration Request
  4. Direct Debit Authority Cards
  5. Direct Debit Originator Indemnity
  6. Direct Debit Stop Request
  7. Direct Debit Originator Amendment Request
  8. Direct Debit Dispute Lodgement Request
  9. Direct Debit Authority Others
  10. Direct Debit Authority Finances
  11. Direct Debit Cancellation Request
  12. Direct Debit Authority Amendment Loans
  13. Direct Debit Authority Amendment Finances
  14. Direct Debit Authority Amendment Others
  15. Direct Debit Authority Amendment Cards


  1. Application of stop payment of cheque
  2. CIF Form Commercial
  3. CIF Form Individual
  4. Internal Funds Transfer Request Form
  5. Islamic Customer Information Form – Individual
  6. Customer Information Update Form – Companies/Establishments
  7. Funds Transfer Application
  8. Request For Opening Additional Account for Customer
  9. Finance and Advance Salary Application Form
  10. KYC for Individuals
  11. KYC for Entities
  12. Application For Tax Payment


  1. Application For Funds Transfer
  2. Application For Tax Payment


  1. Indemnity Credit
  2. Card Service Complaint Form
  3. E-Guarantee Cancellation Request
  4. Customer Information Updation Form – Individual
  5. Customer Information Update Form – Companies/Establishments
  6. KYC for Individuals
  7. KYC for Entities

Online Banking

  1. NBQ Online Application Form For Business Entities
  2. NBQ Online Application For Transaction Limits
  3. NBQ Online Request For Enrolment Of Business Entities For Salary Processing