National Bank Of U.A.Q Psc Interest Rates

NBQ Fixed Deposit is available in AED, USD, GBP and other major currencies offered at competitive interest rates and the flexibility of choosing a maturity date that suits your financial needs. You can also use the rollover facility to automatically renew your deposit. With the option of adding a fixed amount automatically to your Fixed Deposit at the date of renewal

Features & Benefits

  • Fixed Deposit can be opened in any currency of your choice.
  • Deposits are accepted for a minimum of 1 month, and a maximum as tenor agreed with the Bank
  • Both residents and non-residents are able to open an account.
  • Minors under the age of 21 and individuals with limited legal capacity may open an account and a guardian must be present at each transaction.
  • Individuals requiring a thumb print impression to operate the account may also open an Fixed Deposit account,
  • It is required to deposit a minimum  of AED 50,000 (or equivalent currency) and thereafter in multiples of AED 10,000. The maximum deposit amount is AED 1,000,000. Customers may transfer funds from existing NBQ accounts, or from other local or international banks.
  • Interest paid at maturity
  • Preferential exchange rates can be given for larger sums deposited. Customers are able to apply for an overdraft or loan facility up to an agreed percentage of the sum deposited

Fee and charges

  • Each withdrawal penalty will apply

Documents Required

  • Valid copy of passport and Emirates ID
  • Copy of valid residency visa for expatriates
  • Complete an application form and provide other identification documents as requested by the bank

Teams and conditions apply

Key Facts Statement