Sharjah Islamic Bank P.J.S.C. Careers

SIB believes in cultivating a diverse, inclusive, and respectful work culture that engages our associates broadens perspectives and encourages teamwork. We hire people who represent the talents, experiences, backgrounds, and diversity of the community we serve.

Ultimately, this dynamic work culture creates a positive environment to attract, engage and retain the best talent in finance.


SIB has built and implemented several unique programs towards
realizing our commitment to the community. Some of these
programs are:

  • Massar
    • This is a unique program to understand career ambitions
      and to set up an accelerated road-map for the career growth of our associates.
    • It is designed to prepare talented and potential Leaders for critical roles within the Bank.
    • Our associates will gain intensive training, and guidance through constant mentoring.


An intensive training program for fresh National graduates from Colleges and Universities. 

  • It focuses on identifying and developing professional skills required for the desired position.
  • It qualifies individuals for leading positions, in the various departments of the Bank. 


Mehnati is an internship program for undergraduates
UAE National student from colleges and universities. 

  • Providing practical work experience at a beginner level in the required field.
  • Includes knowledge of Islamic Banking (with theory and practical guidance).
  • Develop and provide knowledge of Career skill-set required.

Our unique work culture provides opportunities for your professional growth

SIB provides its associates with an ‘Employee – Centered Culture’ in an inclusive environment that nurtures high quality performance and extraordinary achievements.

  • Career Growth Opportunities.
  • Fast Track and Career Development Programs.
  • Diversity of learning interventions and Methodologies.
  • Competitive Compensation and Benefits.

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