Sharjah Islamic Bank P.J.S.C. Products

Sharjah Islamic Bank (SIB) provides different types of financial products & services across the UAE. It provides Credit Cards, Loans, Bank Accounts, Corporate Banking, Investment Banking etc to the customers.  Here are the popular financial products from SIB –

Credit Cards:

Sharjah Islamic Bank offers various credit cards for different purposes to suit everyone’s needs.  There are different types of Credit cards available with a salary range from AED 6K. Like, Sharjah Islamic Bank Smiles World MasterCard Credit Card etc. You can avail various benefits like – cash withdrawal facility, travel insurance as complimentary, Free globally rental car, etc with an annual fee ranges from AED 0 – AED 399. Visit Sharjah Islamic Bank Credit Card page for more details.

Loans & Mortgages:

SIB provides various loan options for expatriates and UAE nationals like Car Finance, Home Finance, Personal Loan. It offers easy, low-interest loans which can be calculated using Loan Calculator. It provides competitive rates, low-cost loans, and long tenures and simple eligibility requirements with minimum salary required is AED 8,000.

Bank Accounts: Various types of bank accounts serve unique needs. It’s wise to put money into the best account, and use the right tools to spend and save, depending on your goals. ADCB provides different Bank Accounts according to your requirements like – Savings Account, Deposit Account, Current Account, Sharjah Islamic SME Account etc. 

Banking Products and Services

Sharjah Islamic Bank has a wide range of products on offer which will help customers in managing their wealth.

Products of Sharjah Islamic Bank
AccountsCurrent AccountSavings Account
TayseerHassalati Account
Watani AccountFixed Deposit Account
Credit Cards ClassicGold 
Prepaid CardJeans CardCoop Card
Watani Card
FinancesTayseer Advance SalaryCar Finance
Personal FinanceReal Estate Finance
Special Finance
Investment BankingInvestment & International Banking Division (IIB)Treasury Division (Treasury)
Corporate BankingCorporate SolutionIjarah 
Istisna’a (Contracting)Murabaha (Pre-agreed Profit)
Musharaka (Partnership)