Standard Chartered Bank Login UAE

Sometimes you just need cash. It’s even better when you can get cash on demand with a few clicks online.

Loan on Card

Instantly get a loan from your credit card that you can payback in easy installments with low interest rates and no processing fees. With a few clicks and no documentation required, you can get cash from the comfort of your own house.

Use your existing credit card limit on your Standard Chartered Credit Card and repay:

  • In installments of 12, 18, 24, 36 or even 48 months
  • With attractive monthly interest rates from 0.79% based on the installment plan you choose
  • And get 0% processing fee!

Balance Transfer

Get a low interest rate on your non Standard Chartered Credit Card balances when you transfer the balance to a Standard Chartered Credit Card and pay in easy to manage installments with:

  • A 12 month installment plan
  • Low interest rate of 0.49% per month
  • And get 0% processing fee!

Application Process

  1. Login to Online Banking
  2. Click ‘Balance Transfer’ or ‘Loan on Card’ banner to access forms
  3. Apply for Balance Transfer or a Loan on Card
  4. Disbursement/ Transfer within 5 working days