Standard Chartered Bank Roshan Digital Account

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Roshan Digital Account

An initiative of State Bank of Pakistan, to provide digital onboarding and banking solutions for millions of Non-Resident Pakistanis (NRPs), and Pakistanis with wealth declared abroad, seeking to undertake banking, payment and investment activities in Pakistan.

Account Features

Minimum Average Balance Requirement

No Initial Deposit


Account Types

Multiple Currency Options

Debit Card and Cheque Book

Online and Mobile Banking

Profit Payment



Credit Card


Eligibility & Documents

Roshan Digital Accounts can be opened and maintained by individual non-resident Pakistani clients and resident Pakistani clients with wealth declared abroad.
Documents required
• Valid Identity Document (CNIC/ SNIC/ NICOP/POC etc)
• Valid passport
• Proof of NRP status (POC/ Visa entry/ exit stamps, etc)
• Proof of profession & source of funds
• Signature
• Live photo
• Valid Overseas Pakistanis Foundation membership card (if applicable)

Please note: There are limitations around cross border activities that can be undertaken for the residents of some countries. As result we may not be able to offer Roshan Digital Account or investment in Naya Pakistan Certificates for residents of some countries.
Country guidance list for non-residents
Residents with declared assets abroad can apply for foreign currency Roshan Digital Account via Branches of Standard Chartered Bank Pakistan Limited.
Residents will have to visit the branch to open the foreign currency Roshan Digital Account, along with their latest wealth statement filed with FBR or a signed affidavit stating the value of their assets held abroad as declared in their latest wealth statement filed with FBR.

Your information will not be stored in bank’s system until it is completed & submitted.

Remittance Guidelines

Inward Remittance into the Account

  • Account can only be fed by foreign remittances originating from the account holder themself through formal channels i.e., banks or money transfer companies.
  • Please note that these preferential correspondent banking charges are limited to Standard Chartered Bank Limited subsidiaries only and do not apply to correspondent banking charges at the other bank’s end.
  • Remittance and payments outside Pakistan are allowed to the extent of balance available in the account, without any prior approvals from the bank or State Bank.

Note: In order to execute your remittance transactions processed seamlessly, the following is recommended:

* Please ensure to use RDA specific Swift Code i.e SCBLPKKXRDA to avail preferential correspondent banking charges.

*Remittance from abroad should be sent directly through SWIFT channel to SCB Pakistan as a first priority option.

* In case remitting bank is using any local correspondent arrangement, client is requested to instruct their bank clearly, to use RTGS channel for funds transfer by local correspondent to SCBPL.

* Remittance transfers using IBFT channel by correspondent bank, have restricted / limited client information, which results delay in credit of funds to meet regulatory expectations.

Outward Remittance/ Repatriation from the Account

  • Funds can be remitted outside Pakistan to the account holder themselves via Online Banking/SC Mobile App or by sharing signed OTT form to your branch personnel
  • Click here to download OTT form.
  • Click here to download the sample OTT form for guidance
  • *Remittance Form works best on Internet Explorer. Customers can download and save a copy when accessing the form using other browsers. The bank recommends the use of Adobe Acrobat Reader version 8 and above in order to use this form or visit Adobe website for more information.