United Arab Bank P.J.S.C Form

At UAB, we strive to build and maintain everlasting partnerships with our clients. Along with that, our innovative banking approach ensures that we remain loyal to our nation’s heritage and contribute to the overall development and prosperity of the UAE.


Corporate Account Opening Form
Corporate Account Opening Form – Islamic
UAB Business Online Application Form
UAB Business Online – Multi-Party Agreement
Corporate Service Request Application Form
Corporate Cheque Scanning Service Agreement
Application for Cash Collections, Delivery and SCDM
Application for Corporate Account Closure
Funds Transfer Application
Funds Transfer Application – Islamic
Master Wakala Agreement – Islamic
Application for Irrevocable Documentary Credit
Application for Irrevocable Documentary Credit – Islamic
Application for Amendment of Documentary Credit
Application for Amendment of Documentary Credit – Islamic
Application for Shipping Guarantee Issuance
Application for Letter of Guarantee
Application for Letter of Guarantee – Islamic
Application for Trust Receipt
Application for Export Bills
Application for Bill Discounting
Application for Transfer of Documentary Credit



Account maintenance form ISL 
Account opening form ISL 
Affordability assessment form ISL 
After sales services form ISL 
ATM dispute form ISL 
Authorization letter ISL 
Card service form ISL 
Cash declaration ISL 
Credit card application form ISL 
Declaration of liabilities ISL 
Funds transfer form ISL 
Home finance Ijarah application form 
Khiyar Al Shart 
Letter requests form ISL 
PDC lodgement, Postponement & Withdrawal form ISL 
Personal details form ISL 
Personal finance application form ISL 
Service request form ISL 
Vehicle finance form ISL 
Letter Request 


Account maintenance form 
Account opening form 
Affordability assessment form 
After sales services form 
ATM dispute form 
Authorization letter 
Auto loan application form 
Card service form 
Cash declaration 
Credit card application form 
Declaration of liabilities 
Funds transfer form 
Home loan application form 
Letter requests form 
PDC lodgement, Postponement & Withdrawal form 
Personal details form 
Personal loan application form 
ROD request form 
SADARA Ahlan Form Individual Account Opening 
SADARA Ahlan Form Secondary Applicant Details 
SADARA Updgrade Form 
Service request form 
Waiver of cooling off period form 
Letter Request