Zhang Wei Industrial And Commercial Bank Of China

Recently in the selection of “2008 Law Awards” organized by Asia Legal Business (ALB), standing out from candidates from a number of well-known companies at home and abroad, Zhang Wei, General Manager of Law Department of Industrial and Commercial Bank of China Limited (ICBC) won the title of “Top 10 Outstanding Business Legal Consultants” in Asia Pacific. Zhang Wei was the only one head of law team wining the honor among China-invested banks.

According to ALB, because the law team of ICBC led by Mr. Zhang has obtained the outstanding achievements in recent years, especially in some major law affairs like ICBC’s reform and IPO as well as acquirement of 20% of equities of Standard Bank of South Africa, whereby established a prominent professional team image among domestic craft brothers and won the high appraisal in the industry, Mr. Zhang was rewarded with the title of “One of Top 10 Outstanding Business Legal Consultants” this year.

According to introduction, with widespread influence in the world, ALB is an independent media based in Australia and committed to report the news and trends related to laws as well as provide information of law service teams (including rankings of lawyer firms and business lawyers) around the Asia-Pacific region. Every year ALB holds selection activities of Annual Law Awards in five countries and regions including China’s mainland, Hong Kong, Japan, Australia and Southeast Asia respectively and chooses the best law teams in local law fields as well as “Top 10 Outstanding Business Legal Consultants” in terms of the best leadership and the biggest influence force. Among them, the winners of “Top 10 Outstanding Business Legal Consultants” must have prominent team leadership, excellent legal professional Competency, outstanding working performance and unimpeachable professional integrity. Due to relatively high objectivity and authority, the awards of ALB have obtained the wide recognition in global law field and been apprised as “Oscar of Law World in Asia Pacific”.      

ICBC had previously obtained two important awards including the “China In-House Team of the Year” and “Banking and Financial Service In-House Team of the Year”, and become the first winner of the award “China In-House Team of the Year” in domestic commercial banks and the first business lawyer team wining the two awards simultaneously among China-invested companies in recent years.